Rechtsanwalt Dr. Meinhardt in front of the Frankfurt am Main skyline

Dr. jur.
Klaus Meinhardt
T. + 49 (0) 6101 9956000

A commercial lawyer with financial know-how:
Legal advice, legal representation
Legal project management in Germany and abroad

A competent professional for your legal as well as financial matters

Fundamental corporate decisions require competence in diverse areas. For earning a profit is only possible if all factors interact in an optimal fashion: law, taxes, financial accounting, financing, hedging.

That necessitates a large number of minds with highly specialised in-depth knowledge. And someone who retains an overview of the whole, combining all the details and drawing the right conclusions.

One individual, two functions: Legal specialist and project manager

As a lawyer, you will find me to be a specialist for financial and company law, someone who dedicates his efforts towards achieving your goals with expertise and meticulousness.

However, as I am a fully qualified lawyer with an additional qualification as a commercial employee for the banking sector and twenty years of professional experience in the financial services sector, you will also find me to be a high-level generalist who can handle projects such as the following as a specialist project manager or interim manager:

  • initial financing, refinancing measures,
  • investments in Germany and abroad,
  • restructuring with respect to company law,
  • complex capital investments,
  • deployment of innovative financial instruments.

Please feel free to contact me.